LiDAR System Raises Safety-Performance Bars


Seyond’s Cheetah hybrid solid-state lidar system is based on a proprietary rotational polygon optical structure. According to the company, the system is unmatched in the long-distance, high-resolution lidar vehicle mobile system industry.


The cheetah has a detection range of 200m for objects with a reflectivity of 10%, which can detect objects beyond 280m. Due to the large number of vertical and horizontal scanning lines covering the whole field of view, the system achieves the image like a picture. Each object is represented by a dense point cloud, which provides the ability to keep important objects in view.The system’s point cloud is suitable for fusing with camera data on the pixel level. 


Other specifications include a screen resolution of 300 vertical pixels while maintaining a frame rate of 10 Hz, a resolution of 0.13 ° in its 40 ° vertical field of view, and a resolution of 0.14 ° in its 100 ° horizontal field of view. In terms of power, cheetah’s power is less than 40 watts.


The cheetah lidar platform is also a miniature and robust sensor head measuring 112 mm x 145 mm x 105 mm. The unit price of a single piece in small batch is 35000 US dollars. For more details, visit seyond.