Falcon Q

Ultra-long range LiDAR

Ideal for integration into vehicle grille or front bumper 

Product Specs
Detection Range
Field of View(HxV)
Up to 0.05°
150-200 Lines
Vertical Scan Lines
1550nm, CLass1 (IEC-60825)
Built-in functional safety features
Falcon Q provides an unparalleled combination of ultra-long distance range and image-grade resolution, enabling the highest level of safety. The combination of range and resolution detects small objects at far distances, giving the vehicle time to respond, improving the autonomous driving experience. The 1550nm wavelength performs extremely well in adverse weather conditions and is exceptionally resistant to interference from the sun or other lidar.
Seyond is running three automotive grade manufacturing lines which have a capacity of over 300,000 units per year. The manufacturing process is 90% automated, maintaining a high level of product quality and consistent precision performance.
With over 200,000 units delivered since 2022 Q1, Falcon reliability has been proven in the field as well as in the lab. Falcon has passed rigorous testing for operating temperature, shock, vibration, and resistance to environmental factors.
Modular design to adapt customers’ applications
Falcon Q is ideal for integration into the vehicle grille or bumper.  For ITS, Falcon Q provides extensive coverage of complex intersections, long stretches of highway, rail, and other applications needing long distances.

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