Smart Cities

Empowering Smart City Roadside Perception

In the modern cities, there are serious traffic congestion and frequent traffic accidents. Relying solely on traditional traffic sensors is insufficient to provide precise, stable, and reliable traffic flow perception data to realize the “perception-control-decision-optimization” in traffic management.

Seyond’s smart traffic management solution, based on high-performance image-grade LiDAR and the OmniVidi perception platform, offers lane-level traffic flow perception data. While recognizing road users, it provides full-time, comprehensive information about traffic participants, generating multi-dimensional structured data and accurate traffic event information. The LiDARs help to get 3D perception of the traffic, meeting the needs of traffic management departments for dynamic analysis and intelligent scheduling of urban traffic.

Competitive Advantages


Sensing all road users to get 360° 3D perception of intersections, event warning and traffic data statistics.

Traffic Management

Real-time monitoring of lane-level traffic flow and all types of traffic violations, supporting the high precision of intelligent traffic<br>signal control and unmanned enforcement, supporting the digital upgrade of traditional traffic management.


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