Robin W

Ultra-wide FOV LiDAR

Product Specs

Detection Range
Field of View(HxV)
Best Angular Resolution(H×V)
192 Lines
Vertical Scan Lines
905nm, Class 1 (IEC-60825)
Ultra-wide FOV
Robin W features an ultra-wide field of view (FOV) of 120°×70°, with broader side-view detection and no blind zones. 
Wide detection range
Robin W detects up to 70 meters at 10% reflectivity which is twice the detection range of other side-view lidar, while maintaining a minimum range of down to 0.1 meters which keeps the blind zone at an absolute minimum.
Image-grade ultra-high resolution
Robin W can provide image-grade resolution 0.1°(H)×0.36°(V) and over 1.77 million points per second, which enables better perception planning control.
Low power consumption, flexible integration
Robin W has a compact design for vehicle side panels and bumpers. Its low power consumption makes this compact sensor easily integratable.

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