Empowering City interseCTION and roadside perception

Seyond is developing an intersection based ITS solution that will consist of three components:  LiDAR, perception software, and an analytics module.  Working together, these components will enable unparalleled object detection precision of not only vehicles but also vulnerable road users.  The introduction of vulnerable road user detection opens opportunities for traffic operations practitioners to manage a mixture of traffic modes simultaneously and with a singular sensor (vs a suite or combination of sensors), promoting efficiency of movement through the intersection, improved performance, and direct input to ATSPM platforms.  

Virtual Loop Setup

Detection & Classification


Seyond LiDAR

Seyond’s suite of FALCON LiDAR provides visibility range (200 m / 660 ft) with minimal units necessary to provide coverage of an entire intersection.  The Seyond intersection solution requires less hardware than legacy detection technologies such as radar or cameras.

OmniVidi Perception

Seyond fuses its sensor point clouds and provides unique IDs of objects moving through an intersection. Seyond’s Perception can discern vehicle types as well as pedestrians and other vulnerable road users.

Analytics Module

The ability to connect to most any traffic signal controller and communicate stop bar presence data expands the capabilities of Seyond lidar at the street level.  From stop bar detection to mid-block crossings, Seyond’s ITS solution will enable management of any moving object, whether they reside in or out of a vehicle.  The analytics module connects directly to the traffic signal controller, supporting ATSPM feedback on the intersection, while simultaneously delivering signal phase commands from pre-programmed timing plans on most any traffic controller platform.

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