highway and traffic management

With the rapid development of socio-economy and the continuous increase in highway mileage, the issues of frequent accidents and traffic congestion have become increasingly prominent. Traditional sensors on highways are no longer able to meet the growing transportation demands.

Seyond’s highway solution is based on high-performance image-grade LiDAR technology, providing comprehensive and high-precision vehicle perception and event detection capabilities to customers. Its intelligent road analysis ensures the safe operation and traffic efficiency on the highway.

Competitive Advantages

Vehicle Perception

Output 3D vehicle shapes with high-precision length, width, and height information, accuracy up to 10cm. Support long-distance tracking and positioning of target vehicles.

Traffic Flow Analysis

Identify 4 vehicle types, including small vehicles, medium vehicles, large vehicles, and extra-large vehicles. Monitor traffic flow and vehicle speed, providing 3D vision for traffic management.

Traffic Event Detection

Support 6 types of traffic event detection, including debris detection, pedestrian detection, abnormal parking, weaving driving, occupying multiple lanes, and driving against traffic. Event detection accuracy ≥99%.

Signal Trigger 

Work with camera and weighing systems. Unaffected by light conditions, providing triggering signals 7x24H, reducing light pollution.


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