Vehicle Overlimit Management 

Precise and effective solution for overlimit vehicle

Based on Seyond’s high-performance LiDAR and algorithm, OmniVidi for VOM provides 360° 3D perception with high-precision of vehicle 3D size information for traffic management.

This is a revolution on redefining the solution of monitoring oversized vehicles. It can be applied to various scenarios like state highway, bridge, and tunnel etc. to prevent accidents or impacts on traffic flow caused by height, length, and width violations.

Competitive Advantages

Overlimit Vehicle Detection

Based on Seyond’s image-level LiDAR, the holographic reconstruction of a vehicle’s three-dimensional profile, including length, width, and height dimensions, can achieve an accuracy of up to 10cm. It also supports vehicle axle detection and precise identification of truck classifications. 

Event Violation Detection

It can detection tailgating, crossing lanes, and illegal parking during weighing, achieving a detection rate of up to 99%. This effectively curbs illegal behavior such as overloaded and oversized trucks and evading inspections. 

High Precision Signal Triggering

Seyond’s high-performance LiDAR is immune to changes in light and is highly compatible with different vehicle capturing and weighing systems. It can provide high-precision trigger signals 7×24 hours a day, with a trigger rate of up to 99%.


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