Falcon K

Ultra-long Range LiDAR

Product Specs

Perceive Risk, Step Ahead

Falcon K can detect targets up to 500 meters away, with a detection distance of 250 meters at 10% reflectivity. This helps users anticipate danger and gives the vehicle time to respond in advance, promoting a safe and comfortable travel experience.  

Image-grade Resolution, Extensive Coverage

Falcon K features ultra-high resolution, ensuring precision in detection. With the ROI dynamic focusing feature, it flexibly adjusts the region of interest for better target tracking. In challenging road conditions, it achieves enhanced clarity and higher safety levels. 

Tested and Proven, Reliable Manufacturing

As proven automotive grade, mass-produced LiDAR, Falcon K represents Seyond’s dedication to excellence. It has successfully passed a series of vehicle-standard reliability tests including tests for resistance to harmful gases, chemical corrosion, temperature and humidity variations, frost, thermal cycles, and impact resilience. Even in the most demanding environments, it delivers unwavering performance stability. With over 250,000 units already delivered, Falcon K1 is a testament to our commitment to quality and reliability. 

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