Breaking Boundaries: Innovusion Evolves into Seyond

In a momentous stride towards the future, Innovusion is thrilled to announce its transformation and rebranding as Seyond. This rebranding initiative comes on the heels of years of remarkable growth, pioneering technology, and a vision that extends far beyond the horizon.

From our humble beginnings as a startup seven years ago, Innovusion has burgeoned into a global leader in LiDAR technology. With an impressive track record of sales, substantial revenue, and cutting-edge innovations, as a company, we have not just matured but solidified our standing in the industry. Today, as we introduce ourselves as Seyond, we mark a significant departure from our past while embracing the essence of our transformative journey.

The decision to rebrand as Seyond is not arbitrary; it’s a deliberate and meaningful choice that resonates with our core identity. Seyond, derived from the fusion of “See” and “Beyond,” encapsulates the very spirit of the LiDAR technology and solutions we’ve pioneered. It embodies the ability to “See Beyond” the ordinary, revealing what often remains hidden and providing a perspective with unparalleled precision.

This rebranding signifies more than just a name change; it’s a commitment to empowering our customers and partners while remaining dedicated to providing the tools and insights that enable others to perceive beyond the obvious; fostering clearer and more intelligent decision-making. It embodies a commitment to “See Smarter,” unlocking new possibilities for success.

The new logo is a visual narrative that encapsulates Seyond’s core mission – ‘Bring the power of intelligent vision to everyone and everything.’ It embodies our commitment to shaping a future that is safer, more seamless, and highly interconnected.

Seyond is not just a name change; it’s a declaration of a mission and a commitment to pushing the boundaries of what can be seen and understood. We are dedicated to providing partners with dynamic hardware and software solutions that exceed existing visual sensing capabilities with an ever-evolving goal to democratize the potential of intelligent vision, extending its reach to every corner of our lives, and catalyzing the emergence of smart cities and self-driving cars.

As Seyond, we are poised to continue breaking boundaries, pushing the limits of what is possible in LiDAR technology, and inspiring a future where everyone and everything can truly See Smarter.