Seyond’s High-Performance LiDAR Technology Powers the Future of Autonomous Racing 

A2RL is to kick-off with Seyond Falcon Ultra Long-Range LiDARs 

Eschborn, Sunnyvale, Abu Dhabi / April 18, 2024 – In an unprecedented leap forward for automotive technology and motorsports, Seyond, a leading global provider of image-grade LiDAR technology, is thrilled to announce its participation and deep integration in the upcoming A2RL, an Autonomous Car Racing League, where speed, precision, and cutting-edge technology meet on the racetrack. Organized by ASPIRE the business development and program management arm of Abu Dhabi’s Advanced Technology Research Council (ATRC), the A2RL Championship serves as a global platform for the advancement of autonomous vehicle technology, bringing together the brightest minds to push the envelope of what’s possible in AI-driven mobility and to make autonomous racing even more exciting than live racing. 

This year, the spotlight shines bright on the advanced capabilities of our flagship product, the Falcon K LiDAR sensor, which has been integrated into all of the competing vehicles. Designed to deliver ultra-long-range detection capabilities with image-grade resolution, Falcon K is not only defining new standards in the autonomous racing world, but also new possibilities, enabling cars to navigate at thrilling speeds of up to 300 km/h.  

“The integration of Falcon K LiDAR technology into the racecars represents a significant leap in autonomous racing,” says Christian Kimmle, Managing Director of the Seyond Europe GmbH. “Our technology ensures not only the speed but also, critically, the safety of vehicles, propelling us into the future of motorsport. What was once only imaginable in sci-fi movies and books has now become reality.”  

With its unmatched range and accuracy, the Falcon K allows vehicles to accurately detect and react to their surroundings, ensuring high-speed maneuvers are executed with precision and safety. This level of reliability and performance is crucial in a racing context, where the margin for error is slim and the consequences of failure, even without a human driver, are significant.  

The A2RL event embodies the spirit of innovation and technological advancement, showcasing the incredible strides we are making in harnessing AI to shape the future of mobility”, states Stephane Timpano at A2RL. “Through partnerships with leading global tech companies like Seyond, we are raising the bar for safety and performance both on the track today, and in the street tomorrow.” 

In the world of autonomous racing, the importance of reliable sensors cannot be overstated. They are the eyes of the vehicle, constantly scanning the environment to detect obstacles, track competitors, and inform strategic decisions. In such high-speed scenarios, the ability to predict and avoid potential crashes is paramount. The Falcon K LiDAR sensor ensures that vehicles are not just fast, but also smart and safe, effectively reducing the risk of collisions and enhancing the overall safety of the race. 

About Seyond 

Seyond™ is a leading global provider of image-grade LiDAR technology, powering a safer, smarter and more mobile world across the automotive, intelligent transportation, robotics and industrial automation sectors. Founded in Silicon Valley with strategically placed research and manufacturing facilities across the globe, Seyond is crafting LiDAR solutions that elevate autonomous driving and fuel the advancement of smart infrastructure development. The company’s dynamic portfolio – including ultra-long range flagship LiDAR sensor Falcon, mid-to-short range LiDAR sensor Robin and perception service software platform OmniVidi – powers automotive and ITS solutions for partners like NIO, Nvidia, Exwayz and Hexagon. With hundreds of thousands of Seyond LiDAR sensors already in use in automotive and non-automotive applications globally, and with total annual production capacity expected to exceed a half-million units by the end of 2024, Seyond is lighting the path forward for the world to See Smarter™. For more information, please visit:  

About A2RL 

The Abu Dhabi Autonomous Racing League (A2RL) is a pioneering new motorsport that combines the push for artificial intelligence (AI) innovation with intense on-track action. Each year, engineers, programmers, and scientists will come together to develop leading-edge driving AI, ready to compete in a series of challenges and claim their stake in a multi-million-dollar prize pool.  

Organized by ASPIRE, the business development and program management arm of Abu Dhabi’s Advanced Tehcnology and Research Council, A2RL aims to accelerate the global development of autonomous systems and technologies. It is also intended to help make Abu Dhabi a global R&D hub for autonomous vehicle technology while also inspiring the next generation of STEM talent.  

The first-ever competition will be held at world-renowned Yas Marina Circuit in Abu Dhabi on 27 April 2024. For more information, visit  

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